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About Us

SGSM History

SGSM Network, formerly known as South Grand
Senior Ministry, began in 2001 in partnership with local Catholic parishes along the South Grand Corridor in St. Louis.  With humble beginnings, church support and volunteers, the ministry was created to provide assistance and care to older adults. As the need for simple services such as home visits, transportation, home repair and social support grew, so did the ministry.

To reflect this expansion, South Grand Senior Ministry became SGSM Network in 2008, and today our dynamic organization has expanded throughout the St. Louis area to include North County, South County, SAJE(Crestwood/Sunset Hills area) and the Lindenwood area (now independent). Our network is designed to help organize individual faith based communities to build active and solid partnerships with congregation members, area businesses, and neighbors that together can provide volunteer opportunities and direct services that help to improve the quality of life of older adults.